$RGK Token

Initial supply

  • The initial supply is 87,500 RGK.
  • There is no maximum supply, the total amount of token grows as people mint and stake.


  • 50,000 $RGK were sold in a private presale for our most invested members ("OG" rank in Discord), at a price of 4 $MIM per $RGK, with a maximum allocation of 1000 $MIM per person.
  • Thank you to all the participants for their trust. In accordance to our Discord community vote, a public presale has been organized and 171224.98$ has been gathered additionally.
The total amount raised during the presales is $219022.84 in $MIM.

Initial liquidity (37,500 RGK)

  • 37,500 $RGK tokens will be paired with an initial liquidity of 187,500 $MIM on TraderJoe. We chose TraderJoe because it is the most used decentralized exchange on Avalanche.
  • The initial listing price is set at 5 $MIM per $RGK.

The development team does not own any RGK tokens.