Launch information

RagnarokDAO launched on 14th December; 2021, 20:00 UTC+1.

We chose to launch on Avalanche Network :
  • Transactions on avalanche chain are fast.
  • It is really easy to bridge some funds on avalanche network.
  • The fees are low and cost generally less than 1$ / transaction.

Liquidity bootstrap event :

  • Our Liquidity Bootstrap Event (LBE) will start on Saturday the 11th of December 2021 at 18:00 UTC+1 and end on Monday the 13th of December 2021 at 18:00 UTC+1.
  • Our goal is to raise $200,000 at a valuation of $4 per $RGK. The LBE was performed using the $MIM stablecoin on Avalanche.
We selected 200 whitelisted users who had access to the LBE for a 48-hour period.
Note: because the maximum amount of funds raised through whitelisted users was $200,000, every whitelisted LBE participant was guaranteed to be able to contribute up to their $1,000 limit.

WL attribution conditions :

  • 50 WL : The first 50 people who joined the discord will be automatically whitelist.
  • 20 WL : on a twitter contest ( 7th december ).
  • 20 WL : on a discord meme contest.
  • 20 WL : For the 20 people that invite the most newcommers on our discord.
  • 10 WL are kept for the team and the moderators.
  • 20 WL for the most active members of the discord (based on experience gained).
  • 30 WL for the first members to have boosted the discord server.
  • 30 WL on a discord draw.
  • After the 48-hour whitelisted LBE will be closed, the LBE will open access to the public to fill in the remainder of the $200,000. The price will then be $4.5/RGK, which corresponds to a gain of 12.5% for those who participated in the private presale.
Start of the public sale: 18:30 UTC+1 12/13/2021.
  • From the 219,000 MIM we will raise in the Liquidity Bootstrap Event:
    • 187,500 MIM will be paired with 37,500 RGK in the liquidity pool on TraderJoe, at a rate of 1 $RGK = 5 $MIM. This liquidity is saved in our treasury.
    • 21,500 MIM will be transferred to the treasury, securing the value of the protocol.
    • 10,000 MIM will be allocated to our development team.
    The team will not have any token. How does the team make money?​